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CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is a supplier of bulk coconut sugar for the food industry around the world. More than 30 countries in the world have used coconut sugar products exported from Indonesia for their industrial needs. We also work with traders and brokers to expand the scope of sales of coconut sugar. Europe and South America are our main markets for distributing organic coconut sugar. With high service standards, we want to ensure that all of our products are perfectly acceptable to buyers. Starting from production activities, and product delivery to documentation, we do it carefully and precisely.

Not only as a supplier of coconut sugar but also as a producer

BASFOOD is not just a supplier of coconut sugar, but we are a producer of coconut sugar that has a coconut sugar factory. So we understand the best quality of coconut sugar, according to industrial needs. The BASFOOD factory has met HACCP food processing safety standards. So that every product we produce is very safe and without risk if it is consumed by humans because it is free of contamination and contamination. In addition, we have an Indonesian Halal certificate as our concern for Indonesian consumers who are predominantly Muslim. Of course, this also guarantees that our products are free of contamination with ingredients that are contrary to Shari’a.

Certified Organic

Every process of planting, harvesting, producing, and distributing coconut sugar has passed the organic test. BASFOOD has met the criteria for organic products by obtaining EU and USDA-NOP organic certification with organic number CU 847432. So that we can guarantee that our organic coconut sugar products meet legal organic standards.

Licensed Coconut Sugar

Even though we realize that coconut sugar is a low-risk food ingredient, we are still committed to having a distribution permit from the Indonesian government. Our coconut sugar production factory has passed the test for production facilities that are healthy and free of contaminants from the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM RI). We have given the BPOM RI distribution permit to us as a service commitment to Indonesian customers. The BPOM RI distribution permit re-emphasizes that BASFOOD products are food ingredients suitable for consumption and are not harmful to the human body.

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