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Looking for a Palm Sugar Factory in Indonesia

Palm sugar factory – Indonesia is one of the largest palm sugar supplier countries in the world with large palm plantation areas. Hundreds of palm sugar factories have quality palm products such as liquid palm sugar, granulated palm sugar, and liquid palm sugar. All palm sugar products are produced from quality palm sap, using traditional processing methods. Palm sap farmers produce palm sugar in a way that has been handed down by their ancestors. So the taste of Indonesian palm sugar is very authentic and different from other palm sugar. Palm sugar is used as a natural sweetener which has a delicious taste and aroma. The brownish and slightly reddish color is a natural coloring for chocolate and coffee products.


Palm Sugar Factory - Coconut Palm Sugar Supplier

In general, palm sugar can be an alternative substitute for granulated sugar for premium chocolate and coffee products. Because the price of palm sugar is more expensive than granulated sugar, of course, this is in line with the benefits of using palm sugar. Products that use palm sugar will have a more delicious taste and a very attractive aroma. Apart from beverage products, various kinds of bread and cake preparations will also be very delicious if you use palm sugar. Moreover, if it is made by baking, the caramel aroma from palm sugar will be even more appetizing.

Palm Sugar Factory

If you are looking for a supplier of palm sugar, then CV. Bonafide Anugaerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) can be the right recommendation. CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is an organic coconut sugar producer that supplies organic and conventional palm sugar. Granulated palm sugar and molded palm sugar are available in bulk packages of 10Kg, 20Kg, and 25Kg. Apart from that, OEM private-label palm sugar is also available for resale at retail. They have been exporting coconut sugar and palm sugar since 2013 to more than 30 countries. Apart from that, they also sell retail coconut sugar and palm sugar under the NatureBAS brand to the local market in Indonesia. NatureBAS products can be found in several souvenir shops in Semarang, Jakarta, and Bali.

BASFOOD opens OEM Private Label business collaboration which is profitable for all food producers, traders, and brokers. This business is in the form of selling coconut sugar with private label packaging designs online and offline. BASFOOD will produce the coconut sugar starting from packaging printing, and coconut sugar filling to delivery to your office. All you have to do is market it offline or online through Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon or the marketplace in your country.

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