Indonesia is a heaven for exporters of coconut products, because it has hundreds of thousands of productive coconut trees that can produce quality coconut products. Coconut tree is a producer of coconut products in the form of coconut sugar, coconut oil, desiccated coconut, coconut peat, and also coconut shell charcoal. Many producers of quality coconut products still depend for their marketing on coconut sugar distributors, coconut oil distributors, desiccated coconut distributors, both on a large and small scale.

Coconut Sugar Distributors

The potential for coconut tree products is enormous, especially for Indonesia’s export activities. Export activities are carried out by exporting companies that have their own factories. In addition, traders or coconut sugar distributors also play a role in helping distribute coconut products to overseas customers.

Coconut Sugar is the most widely offered type of coconut product by suppliers and exporters of coconut products in Indonesia. Even though these suppliers and exporters do not have their own coconut sugar processing factory, high enthusiasm is shown to introduce Indonesian coconut sugar products to the world. So that coconut sugar products are always in demand by many people in the world.

Coconut Sugar Manufacturer and Distributor

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is an exporter and distributor of coconut sugar which has its own coconut sugar factory. Coconut Sugar Factory CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is located in Dusun Gegunung , Kulon Progo Regency – Yogyakarta, which is not far from downtown Yogyakarta. BASFOOD processes organic and conventional (without organic certificate) coconut sugar with high standards. This is evidenced by obtaining HACCP food safety management certificates and also Indonesian Halal. This certificate proves the hygiene of the coconut sugar produced, as well as being a form free of contamination during the processing process.

Organic products

In addition to HACCP and Halal Indonesia food safety management certificates, BASFOOD also has organic certificates. The BASFOOD factory produces organic coconut sugar with EU and USDA-NOP organic certificates. CU847432 is BASFOOD’s organic coconut sugar license number. With this license, starting from the plantation land, plant seeds, to the maintenance and processing of coconut sugar, it meets organic standards. In addition, our farmers have also received education on the organic care of planting and caring for coconut trees.

We have hope that with cooperation and education on the importance of quality coconut products. It can increase the trust of the world community. That products from Indonesia, especially coconut sugar, have high quality values and standardization.

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